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NADA Token Website

A token created from a joke, which will become a reference in Brazil and the world soon!
Gráfico   Vector Icon, Analytics, Background, Base Imagem PNG e Vetor Para Download Gratui
Gráfico   Vector Icon, Analytics, Background, Base Imagem PNG e Vetor Para Download Gratui

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Created from a joke in Facebook groups, NADA refers to the power of having NOTHING and doing something with it!

Our vision

We are in the market bringing a humorous touch to the world of cryptocurrencies and want to make a difference through social actions in various sectors of our society.


NADA was created through a waived contract on the Binance Smart Chain network, with a simple to understand, anti-fraud code.

Quem Somos

How it works?


You can purchase NADA through PancakeSwap, which is an “Automated Market Maker” (AMM), the largest decentralized broker (DEX) installed on the blockchain Binance Smart Chain.

You just need to have BNB, which is the currency of the Binance brokerage in a virtual wallet (TrustWallet or MetaMask), connect to the PancakeSwap website and exchange your BNB for NADA!

How much is NADA?

You can follow the price in real time through these 2 sites: and

Just click on either of the two

to access the graphics!

Como funciona
General information

Name: NADA
Symbol: NDA
Decimals: 10
Total supply (current): 212,600,000 (Fixed)
(Two hundred and twelve million, six hundred thousand)
Buy and sell rate:

Currently the number of the Brazilian population, i.e., if someone buys 2 NADAS they may be buying yours!

Advantages: you will be able to say that you bought nothing; give nothing to friends and relatives; hold nothing and also be a trader of nothing... and what does it matter? exactly what you are thinking :)
Disadvantages: ...

Don't regret not buying NADA today!

Logo NADA Token
Why buy? You ask me...
And I answer: why not?
And you say: because this token is worth NADA!
And I tell you: EXACTLY.
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