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How NADA came about!

    The NADA Token was an idea that came from an observation I made in the Facebook groups I used to participate in, that people in the crypto market, not caring whether it had real value or not, liked to buy memecoins!

    Then I had the idea to create a token (cryptocurrency) called NADA, in order to satirize our current market and bring a humorous pun in the token's name, as if people would be able to buy even nothing if it was offered to them!

    Since I made the first post on Facebook, the community liked the idea and the joke, and some people bought the token and helped a lot in the beginning of the project, and I as the creator and responsible for the "image" of the token, decided that I would continue the project from there.

    I felt then the obligation to search a real usefulness to NADA, to give a meaning to the joke, so I started in a first moment to create our website, then I also created the NADA social networks, because until then I didn't want to involve other people in the project with fear of not knowing how far it would go, if it would really work out, and it was like this, I was walking as far as I could and I started to be more demanded, I lost my initial fear and today we have an excellent team! we are a team engaged in learning more and more and develop even more the NADA Token!

    Following our pace we will reach our goals, without deceiving our community, we will work to give a good sense to the project!

    A little bit about the NADA Token distribution:

    Initially, I made available exactly 95% of the total token supply (201,970,000) for purchase at PancakeSwap, I had only 5% in my wallet (10,630,000), as anyone can see in the transfers registered at BSCScan.

    Of that 5%, I ended up transferring an amount to friends who helped me at the beginning of the project, as a way to reward the help they gave me.

    After that, I made token purchases in order to have enough balance to perform future AIRDROPs and to have a significant amount in order to pass confidence in the token.

    Only one wallet is currently owned by me:

    1 - 0x79F5FaEd52e31a865c2Cc1c6793870e932AfB19b

    Giovanne – CEO and Founder


    Nice to meet you!

    Any questions you have can contact us at any time.

    We are here to do something BIG!


NADA Token Team

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